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Hiring in Finance

Shepherd Neame is Britain’s oldest brewer. They have been brewing for over 300 years and have over 300 pubs throughout London and the South East. The independent family-run brewer based in Faversham, Kent, focuses heavily on supporting the local community and charities.

We were approached to secure top-tier talent into a high-level financial role. 


Shepherd Neame




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Candidates to screening
Candidates to interview

The Challenge

Being based in a small market town can cause difficulties sourcing candidates with relevant experience.

Unlike larger cities, where the talent pool is more diverse and abundant, smaller towns often have fewer professionals with specialised skills or experience in certain industries. As a result, businesses operating in these areas may find it challenging to identify and attract candidates who meet their specific job requirements.

The Results

We worked on a retained basis, collaborating with internal teams to develop market maps for the roles.

Local headhunting was also put into place to guarantee candidates with the necessary experience were available for screening.

This allowed us to identify candidates who not only met the technical requirements of the role but also demonstrated interpersonal skills and drive needed. 

Five standout candidates went through to the interview phase resulting in one key hire into the finance department. 

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