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Marfa Stance

Multiple key hires

Finance Director

Personal Shopping and Client Relations Manager

Head of Customer Strategy & Acquisition

Senior PR & Events Executive

Stock & Fullfillment Assistant

CEO PA/Studio Manager

Multiple hires

Marfa Stance is a luxury women’s outerwear brand that prides itself on using sustainably sourced fabrics from Japan and Italy, tailored in family-run factories in Italy. The brand fuses beautiful luxury design with adaptable, versatile, and timeless style.

The brand is well known for its modular design concept, which clearly identifies it as unique within the luxury outerwear space. It is experiencing huge growth and is currently led by the acclaimed Georgia Dant (Founder).

The brief

We were thrilled to partner with Marfa Stance, a distinguished name in the luxury fashion industry, to identify and secure top-tier talent for several critical positions within their dynamic team. Our goal was to ensure Marfa Stance secured the right talent to allow the business to continue to thrive and innovate by bringing on board individuals who are experts in their respective fields and resonate with the brand’s vision and ethos. 

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