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Hunza G

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Merchandiser & Senior Garment Technologist

Multiple hires

Hunza G was originally born in 1984 and known then only as Hunza. It was under the direction of Peter Meadows, who created its signature, unique crinkle-stretch fabrication and high-cut leggy designs.

The brief

As a leading recruitment agency for luxury goods and apparel, we are excited to partner with Hunza G. This renowned brand has achieved significant growth and is highly esteemed for its commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. We aim to support Hunza G’s continued success by sourcing and securing exceptional talent for their critical roles. 

“Consumer Additions are always my go to recruiters;  they truly understand the fashion arena, and really get under the skin of our needs.  Importantly, they don’t push people on us, which doesn’t waste time, even when I can’t articulate why the candidate doesn’t feel right! Harry has found us three great hires recently in Digital Marketing, Merchandising and Design.  All three candidates are amazing.”

Beverly Hill, CEO at Hunza G

Where to next?

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