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Looking forward: the consumer goods industry beyond 2024

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Consumer brands are all around us, a constant presence in our lives. And while all industries are in a state of flux and transformation, it may be increasingly so across the consumer industry. With the scars of the global pandemic still showing, challenges and opportunities are defining a new landscape. We’ll explore the key trends shaping the market in 2024 and how brands can prepare for success in future.

An evolving landscape

The global economy is still feeling the effects of the pandemic and its disruption. We’re experiencing a tentative recovery with a few bumps along the way. Growth projections for 2024 indicate a slower pace in comparison to recent years. A rise in geopolitical tensions and supply chain issues are contributing to this outlook.

Inflation is another continuing concern for consumer brands. Rising costs of materials and transportation have forced companies to raise prices, which in turn impacts consumer purchasing power. The pressures of inflation are a balancing act – companies need to consider their financial health and remain competitive in a price-sensitive market.

Consumer preferences are significantly shifting, too. Shoppers are being more value-conscious and opting for cheaper alternatives to cope with inflation. The increased importance of sustainability and ethical sourcing is also causing consumers to be more mindful of the environment and social impact of the products they buy and the brands they come from.

Strategies for success

The current landscape and challenges consumer brands are facing requires a strategic shift. What strategies can you adopt to emerge stronger?

Focus on profitable volume growth

Raising prices might not be the most sustainable solution in the long run. Some companies are exploring alternative avenues to drive growth, from developing innovative products and optimising their current products to implementing cost-efficiency measures. How could you diversify?

Develop your digital and data

We are living in a digital-focused world—it’s at every turn. Understanding how this impacts consumer behaviour is necessary for success. There is an increase in companies using data analytics to analyse customer preferences, buying habits, and market trends. You can use the data to improve marketing campaigns, customer experience, and developing products people really want. 

As people shop and browse online more and more, how can you improve their experience? Get up to date with the latest technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, virtual reality (VR) 3D shopping experiences, and infinite new tech to come.

Building a brand for the future

Demands are ever increasing for consumer brands and 2024 is no different. Agility and adaptability will be key to the future of brands and their potential. If you can effectively navigate the changing economic landscape, understand your customers evolving preferences, and utilise new technologies, you will be well-positioned for prosperity.

Brand loyalty

The competitiveness across the market remains a struggle, but building brand loyalty is crucial to succeed. Focus on fostering positive customer relationships, delivering experiences and products that resonate with your consumers builds trust and loyalty. Loyal customers are repeat customers and will endure challenging times.

Constant innovation

Innovation is another key driver of growth. Companies that can develop innovative products that address unmet consumer needs or leverage cutting-edge technologies will have a significant advantage.

The future of the consumer brands industry is bright for companies that can embrace change and adapt their strategies accordingly. By focusing on profitable volume growth, utilising data-driven insights, and remaining flexible in the face of a changing regulatory landscape, consumer brands can navigate the current challenges and emerge stronger in the years to come.

How we can help

At Consumer Additions, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing consumer brands in today’s market. Our team of experienced recruiters specialises in connecting exceptional talent with world-leading consumer brands across all functions. We can help you find the skilled professionals you need to navigate this evolving landscape and drive your business to success.

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