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Beyond the goods

Elevating careers in Consumer Goods

Today’s customers expect products to be instantly available in-store and online, and trust must be earned more than ever. Businesses need to be forward-thinking, data-driven, and agile to ensure they can thrive in this landscape and meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s wandering consumer eye. 

Addressing these challenges requires leaders who build diverse, sustainable, and tech-savvy business models, creating resilience and adaptability in a dynamic industry. We source incredible talent for the world’s fastest-growing Consumer Goods brands that know what tomorrow’s consumer wants. 

Our skilled consumer goods team offers permanent, contract, and interim solutions leading entry-level to management and senior appointments in Marketing, Commercial, NPD, R&D, Supply Chain, and Creative for some of the world’s fastest-growing Consumer Goods brands. 

We're ready for you

In a Consumer Goods industry that shows no signs of slowing down, the premium market is on a remarkable upward trajectory. Brands are navigating a consumer-led market, requiring them to be quicker and more innovative to remain attractive.

With talent in high demand, our expertise ensures you secure the exceptional professionals needed for your success in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of Consumer Goods.
Expect impressive and astonishingly swift results from us, all while keeping your recruitment playbook confidential, far from the prying eyes of your competitors.

We specialise in these areas: 

Automotive, Manufacturing & Transportation

Consumer Electronics



Household Products & Goods


So why choose us?

Recruiting for world-leading Consumer Goods brands is an entirely different league – and we thrive in it.

Industry specialism

We focus on core sectors, ensuring deep industry knowledge and expertise. We consult with growing brands across Europe, the Middle East, the US, and APAC markets.


Our headhunting approach identifies the ideal talent tailored to the unique needs of this industry by immersing ourselves in this sector, tracking notable movers and emerging talent.


We prioritise nurturing relationships with clients and candidates for ongoing support and ensuring we represent the brand fully during the hiring process.

Referral driven

Our unwavering reputation, celebrated by clients and candidates, continues to drive new business through glowing referrals and positive word of mouth.

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